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// $Id: config.h,v 1.8 2003/03/03 23:18:48 dredd Exp $
// $Source: /cvsroot/hammerhead/hammerhead/src/config.h,v $
// $Revision: 1.8 $
// $Date: 2003/03/03 23:18:48 $
// $State: Exp $
// Author: Geoff Wong
// Note: configuration stuff should be encapsulated in a class
//       some day.
#ifndef _CONFIG_H
#define _CONFIG_H
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "String.h"
#include "distribution.h"
#include "hrtime.h"
#include <list>

/* constants */
#define SCENARIOS "/etc/hammerhead/scenarios/"
#define CONF_FILENAME "/etc/hammerhead/hh.conf"
#define HH_LOG "/var/tmp/hh.log"
#define REPORT_LOG "/var/tmp/report.log"
#define SESSIONS 100
#define HAMMER_PORT 80
#define SSL_PORT 443
#define SEED 0
#define SEQUENCEP 75
#define SLEEP 0
#define STARTLAG 1000
#define RUNTIME 0
#define REPORTTIME 0

#define SO_SCN 1 /* select on scenarios */
#define SO_SEQ 2 /* select on sequence */

#ifdef SOLARIS
#define INADDR_NONE ((in_addr_t) -1)

extern char *SO_Names[];

extern int DNSTTLExpired;
extern int DNSTimeToLive;
extern int UseSSLLayer;

extern int SelectOn;

/* log file time format */
#define TF_NUMERIC  0
#define TF_STRING   1
extern int LogTimeFormat; 

extern list<String> ScenarioFiles;
      // a list of specific scenarios files to pull in 
extern list<String> ScenarioDirectories;
      // a list of directories to search 
extern String ConfName;
    // configuration file name
extern String HammerLog;
    // log file name
extern String ReportLog;
    // report log file name
extern String HTTPReqType;
    // HTTP request type (0.9,1.0,1.1 etc)
extern list<HammerTarget> HammerTargets;
      // list of possible targets to hammer. RoundRobin through the list.

extern list<BottleNeck> BottleNecks;
      // list of bottlenecks for client simulation.

extern list<String> IpAliasPattern;
extern list<long> IpAliases;
    // List of possible IpAliases to try with each session (thread).
extern String RobotId;
    // string for the identity of the user agent (if I am one)
extern int Sessions;
    // number of threads to run simultaneously
extern int Seed;
    // random number seed
extern int SequenceProbability;
    // chance of following a defined scenario sequence
extern int SleepTime;
    // no of nanoseconds to sleep between requests
extern int StartLag;
      // no of microseconds to sleep the sessions on startup.
extern int RunTime;
    // no of seconds to execute for
extern int CookieOn;
    // on/off - send a cookie to the client?
extern int PrematureClose;
    // chance of closing prematurely
extern int BadRequest;
    // chance of making a bad request
extern int ReportTime;
    // time between reports
extern int MaxFailures;
      // the maxium number of failures the we will tolerate before 
    // abondoning a test

extern int ThinkLimit;

extern int SummaryInterval;

extern int LoadImages;

extern int DoCrawl;
    // crawl through web pages (loading all links embedded in a page)

extern String CrawlRE;

// log level defines
#define CRAWL_CALLS     1
#define CRAWL_FOUND     2
#define CRAWL_SOURCE    4
#define CRAWL_IGNORED   8
#define CRAWL_REQUEST   16
#define CRAWL_NON_200   32
extern int LogLevel;

extern int OpenConfiguration();

extern int Shutdown; 
    // shutting down? declared in hammerhead.cc 
extern hrtime_t StartedTime;
    // the time we actually started the parent.


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